MotorDrives a pioneer in gearbox and motor solutions, is changing the landscape of industrial power transmission.Transtecno products, which focus on precision engineering and innovative design, are setting new standards for dependability and efficiency in a variety of industrial sectors.

Transtecno Gearboxes

MotorDrives offers Transtecno's renowned Worm and Helical Gearboxes, assuring dependable and efficient power transfer.

Revolutionary Motors

An inflammation-reducing facial oil that we recommend for even the most sensitive skin.MotorDrives distributes Transtecno's forefront motors, which include Permanent Magnet DC Electric Motors and IP66-rated powerhouses that provide unrivalled performance and reliability.

Reliable Partnership

MotorDrives is a reliable partner, providing easy access to Transtecno goods as well as experienced technical assistance.

Driving Innovation

MotorDrives and Transtecno collaborate to push the boundaries of industrial power transmission, pushing innovation in response to changing industry needs.